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We are proud of our old background from London but also glad to present the most bueatiful homes of Sweden in a new and conscious way.


Residence Christie’s International Real Estate has the pleasure to present some of Sweden’s most beautiful and exclusive homes and estates. We have local offices throughout Sweden, in Stockholm as well as in Skåne and on the west coast of Sweden. We work primarily with larger city apartments and villas in Sweden’s most exclusive locations, as well as seaside homes, castles, and country estates.

We are a proud of beeing a part of Christie’s International Real Estate, which is a fully-owned subsidiary of Christie’s, one of the world’s oldest and leading art auction house. Christie’s was founded 1766 in London and to this day specializes in exclusive art auctions. Christie’s is since 2009 owned by the Frenchman Francois Pinault, who also owns Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent och Château Latour, among others. Christie’s International Real Estate was founded in 1987 and was acquired in 1995 in order to take advantage of the synergy effects that exist between the worlds of exclusive art and real estate. Today, Christie’s International Real Estate is active in 48 countries with 138 local branches, all of them represented by local specialists in their respective market for the sale and purchase of high-end real estate. The website has over 70 million visitors per year. Residence Real Estate was founded in 2002 by Lars Fogelklou, Jonas Martinsson, Per Bjerkén, and Jan Lundqvist. Together, they have decades of experience in Sweden’s prestigious homes segment. In 2008, Residence Real Estate became the first realtor in northern Europe to become a part of Christie’s International Real Estate, and is since then simply called Residence Christie’s.

Geographic Coverage

Through our local offices in Stockholm, Skåne as well as on the west coast of Sweden, we work primarily with larger city apartments and villas in Sweden’s most exclusive locations, as well as seaside homes, castles, and country estates. Regional markets are supported by their own local contacts as well as our unmatched national and international network of contacts.

True Partnership

Because we’re all partners, we’ve succeeded in achieving a unique level cooperation between the company’s brokers compared to other actors in the sector. As our expert realtors are also located throughout the country, this allows us to offer our clients access to the segment’s largest and most exclusive network of contacts, as well as a substantially higher quality of personal service.

Christie’s International Real Estate

We are a part of Christie’s International Real Estate, a global business and the most expansive existing network for high-end homes and real estates. As a result, the homes and country estates offered through our services here in Sweden also become exposed to the international market through Christie’s International Real Estate.

Christie’s Auction House

Christie’s International Real Estate is a fully-owned subsidiary of Christie’s, one of the world’s oldest and leading auction house for art, founded as early as 1766. With our industry-tailored marketing tools and our exhaustive network of contacts, which also includes Christie’s art buyers, we are able to offer the best chance of reaching both affluent international Swedes as well as international investors.

Professional Service

The most exclusive homes do not generally follow the broader development of the real estate market, but are rather affected by other factors. To be able to establish new benchmark price levels in such a sensitive situation calls for years of experience working with unusual price levels, a keen eye, and exceptional skill – which we are able to offer. Because our team is continuously completing other prestigious transactions, we are also often able to provide our clients with real-time advise on valuation, price development, and other sensitive questions by having access to first-hand information from otherwise confidential high-end transactions.

Absolute Discretion

We complete a number of our transactions under full discretion, without using traditional marketing platforms. This is thanks to our unique business model, True Partnership and beeing a part of Christie’s International Real Estate. The whole company works as a team, and only with the most exclusive homes and country estates. Therefore, we are in continuous contact with the most fitting domestic and international clients through Christie’s International Real Estate and Christie’s art auction house.


As we choose to work with only the most exclusive properties, we have the luxury of not being burdened by a larger amount of smaller homes to sell, but are rather able to provide the level of service that our clients expect, and is necessary, for a successful end-result.


We provide services to the most quality-oriented Swedish and international clients. We represent a broad spectrum of homes, spanning city apartments to town houses and exclusive villas as well as sea-side homes, castles, and country estates. This is our expertise.

International Exposure

With more than 850 offices in 48 countries and with countless years of experience in closing deals that many consider closer to imagination than reality, we have a unique advantage compared to our competitors. Our unparalleled access to Sweden’s most qualified buyers, together with Christie’s Auction House and Christie’s International Real Estate’s clients provides our sellers the rare benefit of international exposure paired with a targeted customer segment.

Christie’s International Real Estate Magazine

The magazine gives you exclusive access to c of both Christie’s auction house and Christie’s International Real Estate, and a rare level of international exposure to high-end real estate objects. The magazine reaches 250 000 of the world’s most wealthy individuals, normally something that is very hard to achieve for an editorial channel. See our latest edition by clicking on the image.


Our reputation for discretion and integrity is demonstrated through our unique client registry, and is achieved through both hard and high-quality work, a deeply held client service ethics as well as a long track record of successful high-end transactions. We hope that you now have a good understanding of our tailor-made real estate service. You are very welcome to contact us with your needs.