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Residence Christie's International Real Estate has a wide network of potential buyers with explicitly stated preferences concerning their future home. Are you looking for something special? Use the form below to send us your preferences and we’ll do our best to find the right property for you.


Residence is on behalf of clients looking for


Hus i Stocksund mellan 200-400 kvm, gärna nära Långängsskolan och/eller med utsikt över vattnet

Mellan och södra Sverige.

Från 300 ha och uppåt, skogsdominerad fastighet med max 1-2 h till Göteborg. Gärna nära vatten.

Södra Sverige, max 2-3 h till bron.

Större skogsegendom från 200 ha och uppåt med god jakt. Möjlighet att bygga el renovera bostad är ok.

Ö i ytterskärgården

Obebyggd ö i ytterskärgården alternativt med enkelt boning.


100-140 kvm i området kring Djurgårdsbron, helst i renoverat skick och med balkong.


Larger estate in Sörmland or Skåne, minimum 1000 hectares.


100-500 hectare estate, exclusively grounds without buildings are also of interest.

Tyresö - Fornudden/Sofieberg

After previously successful sale, we are now searching for a seaside home looking out on Drevviken on behalf of numerous clients.

Sollentuna - Edsviken/Sjöber

Property with a seaside home, alternatively a sea view.


170-220 square metre apartment on lower Kungsholmen. Preferably surrounding Kungsholms Kyrka and Norr Mälarstrand.


Looking for large apartment, minimum 300 square metres.


Djursholm-family looking for a villa of approximately 300 square metres, preferably in need of some renovation. Location in the area between Vendevägen and Svalnäs.


Renovated apartment on one of the top floors, around 250 square metres. In between Humlegården and Nobelparken.


Large apartment, minimum 400 square metres on one of the top floors. Condition is not of highest importance. In between Humlegården and Nobelparken.

Norr Mälarstrand

150-250 square metre apartment on one of the top floors with a balcony. Chance for swift and easy transaction.

North of Mälaren

Castle or estate with a minimum of 500 hectares in close proximity to Stockholm.

Näsby Park

Näsby Park or Viggbyholm. Seaside view or seaside property, 250 square metres or bigger in good condition.


On behalf of numerous clients, we are looking for seaside properties or properties in close proximity to the ocean. 200-800 square metre size in price class 20 to 60 million SEK.


Attic apartment with approximately 150 square metres, a patio, and located in the Golden Triangle.

Östermalm/Vasastan/Norr Mälarstrand

Attractive 110-130 square metre apartment with a nice park view or something similar.


Turn-of-the-century house on Lidingö with upwards of five bedrooms and the possibility to install three bathrooms.

Odenplan Vasaparken

Five to six rooms with a kitchen, 150-300 square metres. On one of the top floors, balcony or patio.


Classical turn-of-the-century 200 square metre apartment with a patio alternatively a large balcony.


140-200 square metre apartment with undisturbed views in a lofty location, elevator and balcony preferred.

Östermalm - Karlaplan

250 square metre apartment with a large patio close to Karlaplan.


Standalone archipelago home with access to Fågelbro Golf Club in a golf cart.


6-7 rooms, four bedrooms, on one of top floors, 150-250 square metres, elevator.

Lower Kungsholmen (Norr Mälarstrand)

Apartment on one of the top floors, at least four bedrooms, balcony, 200-300 square metres.


Apartment on one of the top floors, at least four bedrooms, balcony, 200-300 square metres.


100-200 square metre estate in Sörmland with accompanying grounds adjacent to estate. With a beautiful moon-shaped main building as well as good grounds to hunt on. Preferred location in close proximity to lake.


Apartment on one of top floors with a balcony or a patio, approximately 150 square metres. Renovation project or newly renovated.


On client’s behalf we are searching for a 140-170 square metre apartment in area surrounding Östermalmstorg, on one of the top floors. Elevator and balcony preferred.


Turn-of-the-century apartment, 110-200 square metres on lower Östermalm. Top floors preferred as well as the option for three bedrooms and two bathrooms.


Larger forest estate, minimum 200 hectares and maximum two hours by car from Göteborg.


Horse estate or smaller-sized but well-located estate maximum 30 minutes by car from Malmö.


Jönköping greater area, forest estate with great natural resources and cultivation possibilities.


Two- or three-room 75-110 square metre apartment on one of the top floors with an elevator.


Villa with three to four bedrooms in 30 million SEK price class.

Vaxholm, Dalarö, Värmdö

On client’s behalf we are searching for a summer place either on Vaxholm, Dalarö, or Värmdö.


Apartment with a balcony and three bedrooms, 130-150 square metres. Kungsholmen or area around Vasaparken preferred.

Södermalm/Gamla Stan

Private property/townhouse with courtyard wanted in inner Stockholm, Södermalm and Gamla Stan preferred.


After many successful transactions on Ingarö and Värmdö, many of our clients are now looking for a seaside home in the 20-50 million SEK price class. Access by car road preferred, but not a requirement.

Lidingö/Djursholm m.m

Villa om minst 350 kvm, gärna uppåt 500 kvm. Renoveringsbehov är okej. Söker främst i områdena Saltsjöbaden, Lidingö, Djursholm och Vaxholm.


Sekelskifteshus med 4-6 sovrum. Upp till 25 Mkr.


Sjötomt eller sjönära läge med större hus, 5-7 sovrum upp till 40 Mkr.