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Patrik Magneby

  • Estate agent

Patrik has a broad experience that extends from his time as a Professional Officer and Management Consultant to CEO to today dedicate his time as a Real Estate Agent of unique and exclusive properties. What permeates all his assignments and deliveries is the way to instill confidence and work with clear goal control and personal drive.

As a real estate agent, his career is characterized by successful sales in the exclusive properties segment on the west coast. His passion is to contribute to, and carry out successful real estate transactions.

Through a clear structure, knowledge of the market and a focus on sellers and buyers, he creates good conditions for you to succeed in your housing career.
Furthermore, Patrik believes that it is important to always see opportunities and create good relationships, which together with a wide network of contacts makes him a sought-after and often recommended broker.

In parallel with his interest in beautiful villas, castles and mansions, Patrik likes to travel to new exciting places, where Italy is one of the favorites.

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