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Jonas Häggbom

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Jonas Häggbom has worked as a broker since 2007, including 8 successful years at Eklund Stockholm New York. Jonas, a trained economist, started his career as a stockbroker and was also a part-owner of a banking firm for 11 years. He has a solid sports background in sailing where he among other things. won Gotland Runt, SM, NM, EM, World Cup and also participated in the Olympics. As a trained and formerly active coach at national level, Jonas knows the importance of goal setting and a structured plan to achieve his goals. Jonas is a highly appreciated broker by the customers, who through his straightforward and very businesslike way has the ability to lead the processes towards a conclusion where all parties are satisfied. This has over the years rendered in many successful sales with record prices both for tenant-owned apartments in the inner city and attractive villas in ia. Saltsjöbaden, Älgö, Karlsudd and out on Värmdö / Ingarö. Jonas lives in Saltsjöbaden and spends his leisure time with the family in our beautiful archipelago.

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